Get your it together

Invest today. Indulge tomorrow.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. An average of 60 per cent of Canadians rate their financial knowledge as fair or poor.* We can help answer your questions.

Saving for retirement can seem complicated. When you hear a financial term, do your eyes glaze over? Do you tune out? To uncomplicate the complicated, Get your it together™ shows you how to maximize your group retirement and savings plans while simplifying the financial jargon.

This series is all about you, your budget, your plan and your savings goal. You’ll learn a simple three-step savings strategy to help you Get your it together™ by investing today so you can indulge tomorrow.

In this three-part education series, you’ll learn:

  • Acronyms and jargon that are common in the financial industry
  • How to create a budget and get a better idea of how much you can save for your goals
  • How to make the most of your group retirement and savings plan
  • How taking an active role can help you grow your savings
  • How to stick to your plan so you can indulge tomorrow

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Part 1: Financial A-B-Cs

Thank goodness it’s finance (TGIF) – said no one, ever. Acronyms and jargon are common in the financial industry. And they can be confusing. We’ll uncomplicate the complicated. We’ll help you learn how to make the most of your group retirement and savings plans, so you can save for your it. Watch Part 1: Financial A-B-Cs.

Part 2: Money 1-2-3

You can’t play football without a ball. You can’t drive a car without a motor. You also can’t retire comfortably without saving some money. Find out the three steps to get your plan into action. Watch Part 2: Money 1-2-3.

Part 3: What’s your it?™

We all want it now. But we all can’t win the lottery. Do you want to save it? Spend it? Or give it? You can. You just need to stick to it. By investing today, you can indulge tomorrow. Watch Part 3: What’s your it?

*Statistics Canada 2014 Canadian Financial Capability Survey