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Learn how the power of a group plan can give you tax advantages and lower fees. Save more with your group retirement and savings plan.

Narrator: Joining your group retirement and savings plan is an easy way to save.

Description: Jean relaxes in an armchair. Her piggy bank runs in from behind the chair and leans on her ankles.

Narrator: Your group retirement savings plan (RSP)

Description: Cut to Jean’s hand holding a coin. The coin is dropped into the piggy bank.

Narrator: can help you pay less income tax today because your contributions are tax deferred.

Description: The piggy runs out of frame and a paper with a percentage sign falls behind. A portion of the paper is cut with a scissors.

Narrator: That means you won’t pay tax on contributions

Description: The paper falls back into the piggy bank, followed by more coins. A clock moves into frame and time passes.

Narrator: until you take them out later in life when your income and tax rate will likely be much lower.

Description: Cut to line graph showing age from 20 to 90. Income rises until retirement at 65, then decreases afterwards.

Narrator: You’ll also usually pay lower investment management fees (services needed to manage the fund) than an individual plan.

Description: Cut to down arrow beside price tag with percentage sign. They separate to show one person.

Narrator: because they’re shared among a large group, instead of paying them on your own.

Description: One person is compared to a group with a bar graph. The individual has higher fees.

Narrator: Both of these benefits – tax deferral and lower fees,

Description: Cut to paper with percentage beside a price tag with percentage.

Narrator: help you make the most of your group retirement and savings plan.

Description: Return to Jean in armchair with piggy bank. She pets the bank as its tail wags.

Narrator: Get started today at GRS Access.

Description: Text “Sign into GRS Access at” appears with Canada Life logo and legal line: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company.