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Setting goals and creating good habits

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What does your financial future look like?

Managing your finances over your lifetime is like taking a long trip – you need to keep a destination in mind. When it comes to your financial future, that destination is a set of realistic goals. Take some time to follow these tips for setting and achieving your goals.

List your goals

Write down a list of realistic, specific things you really want out of life. Want to own a home, pay down debt, or pay for your children’s education? Get it all down in writing to make a stronger connection to your goals.

Share them

When you share your goals with a family member or a good friend, you’re more likely to see them through.

Make an action plan

What are the next steps you should take to reach each goal? Write those down as well. The articles, videos and tools on this website can help you find the answers.

Take this short online quizOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to assess your financial skills and knowledge. The quiz covers five topics to help you understand your strengths or where you might need to learn more.

Check back on your goals often

Your goals can act as checkpoints throughout life, so you can see if your plans are on track. If not, that’s okay! Reviewing your goals regularly also means you can tweak your financial plans when you need to.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada offers tools and informationOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window to help you create a budget, set goals and stick to them. The budget will help you plan for today, and create possibilities for tomorrow.

Be ready for change

Life is full of changes, both big and small. As you carry out your journey, you can adjust your goals to better reflect your current priorities and recent life changes.

So go ahead. Take the time to set your goals now, so you can enjoy the journey.

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