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Your personal savings, along with your group retirement and savings plan, contribute to a comfortable retirement. But did you know your personal savings could be hit by higher fees than your group plan and seriously impact how much your savings are worth?

Even one per cent difference in fees on your savings makes a big difference. For example, $25,000 goes into a group plan and into personal savings. With just a one per cent fee difference, your $25,000 makes over $35,000* more when invested through your group plan.

Initial investment

Investment growth

Future value

Your group plan




Your individual plan




If you’re a member of a Canada Life group savings plan, you can get the form to transfer your personal savings into your group savings by calling 1-800-724-3402 or signing in to mycanadalifeatwork.comOpens a new website in a new window and finding Printable forms in your menu options.