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When I’m 64...

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There’s definitely a change in how we spend our time as we head into retirement. A reality check on how Canadians are actually spending their time may help you develop a realistic retirement path.

A Portrait of Seniors, a study commissioned by the federal, territorial and provincial governments in 2006, gives a bird’s eye view of how retirement in Canada is actually being lived.

It’s about leisure. Canadians double the amount of time they spend reading once they retire.

It’s about your home. Women still spend more time doing domestic chores than men do, and men do more home maintenance than women.

And it’s about sleeping. Men who are 55 and older sleep between eight and nine hours each day; women 55 and older sleep 8.5 to 9.2 hours. Is getting more sleep one of your retirement dreams?

Check out how Canadians are spending their retirement time.

A day in life of older Canadian men chart; detailed data follows

A day in life of older Canadian women chart; detailed data follows

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